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Pizzoli’s production sites


Company profile

Established near Bologna in 1926 in an area with a long tradition of potato-farming, today Pizzoli is a leading Italian company in the food industry. Its three production sites in Italy make a wide range of potato-based products as well as battered fish and vegetables and a frozen fruit range.

Pizzoli’s passion, experience and skills have been handed down through three generations, with a single purpose: to improve people’s way of life by offering them natural, tasty and easy-to-prepare products. With its roots firmly planted in its native region, the company has contributed to preserving the traditional values of Italian agriculture.

Pizzoli produces and exports traditional Italian products and the values of Mediterranean cuisine all over the world. It continuously invests in innovation and research. It works to ensure the supply chain’s traceability and guarantees the use of high-quality ingredients.

Pizzoli is also committed to protecting the environment: a bio-mass power plant in its Budrio unit transforms production waste into electricity. Furthermore, the company uses technological solutions to control polluting emissions and minimise environmental impact.

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